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Wildwood Crest Real Estate

The pace is easier in Wildwood Crest, where swimming, sailing and sunsets are a must for every visitor.


Located between Wildwood and Cape May, Wildwood Crest has long been known for its peaceful, family-oriented atmosphere.

Modern motels and condominiums line the beachfront of this beautiful resort and provide a breath-taking view of the ocean.

Accommodations of every kind are available throughout Wildwood Crest. If your vacation dream is to awaken to the sound of the ocean and the call of the sea gulls, or step out of your room for a romantic walk on the beach, then Wildwood Crest is for you.

Vacationers have a choice to stay at motels, condos, apartments or houses along the beach front, the bay front or anywhere in between.

Just a short walk from anywhere in “the Crest,” is the resort’s main attraction, the beach. The more than 3 miles of clean, free, protected beaches provide plenty of room for good family fun.

Water Activities
On the west side of the island resort, a picturesque park overlooks Sunset Lake. During the day, brightly colored sailboats, water and jet skiers and sightseeing boats make the lake come alive. The activity on the lake slows down at dusk and visitors are compelled to stop and watch mother nature put on a spectacular sunset show. Aptly named Sunset Lake, photographers from amateur to professional catch on film one of the most photographed sunsets on the east coast here.

Fishing season starts early on the Jersey Cape. A large fleet of party and charter boats line the back bay area. Boats leave Wildwood Crest ports daily starting in early April and run through October. Mixed bag fishing includes mackerel, drumfish, fluke, seabass, weakfish and blues to name a few.

Outdoor Activities
Family activities such as basketball games, teen and adult dances, craft shows and concerts are scheduled during the year at the newly renovated “Crest Pier.” Free outdoor concerts are planned at night at the gazebo on Rambler Road and the beach. The boardwalk and nightclubs are a short distance away in Wildwood.